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Artist registration

Register here by 5pm Dec 5 to sell up to two pieces of your art at our pARTy!

How many pieces of art will you bring?

We are pleased to invite you to our second art event! We are PhD students in science by day and artists by night who are passionate about art, science, and equal representation of all genders in both disciplines. Previously, we held an art auction to benefit Ukraine (raising over 780eur in a few hours), and enjoyed it so much that we decided to create another art event, this time, in the form of a christmas pARTy. At the christmas pARTy, we are providing a platform for female artists to showcase (and sell!) their works, and the proceeds of the art sales will go directly to the artists themselves.
We hope to create a chill party environment where you and your friends can enjoy looking at or purchasing art, meet new people, learn more about female artists and scientists in a pub quiz (and maybe win a prize!), and enjoy nice snacks and beverages.
Wine and snacks will be provided while supplies last, and thereafter you can purchase them yourself from Monami (or if you would like a different beverage or snack at any time you can also purchase them from Monami). See you there!

All the best,

Elizabeth and Michelle

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